• Thermal insulation of profiles
  • Uf > 0,83 W/(m2K)
  • Water tightness of windows
  • E 1950 
The MB-79N is the most state-of-the art and economical addition to the Aluprof window systems. It has been designed to outperform typical thermal insulation requirements. The MB-79 N series can be used to fabricate fixed, side-hung, hopper, tilt-and-turn, and hopper-and-slide windows. In addition to the economical version MB-79N E, featuring a one-component central seal, and the MB-79N ST version with a two-component central seal, Aluprof also offers the MB-79N SI variant with enhanced thermal insulation, and with profiles that come equipped with insulating inserts and a two-component central seal.


  • profile depth: 79mm (casement) and 70mm (window frame)
  • state-of-the-art thermal breaks for even greater thermal insulation performance
  • 3 thermal variants of the product: MB-79N E, MB-79N ST, MB-79N SI
  • thermal insulation: Uw starting from 0.64 W/(m2K), Uf starting from 0.83 W/(m2K)
  • excellent kinematics enabling the fabrication of narrow, operable windows and doors
  • possibility of using invisible hinges and the most popular multi-point hardware, including hidden hardware + state-of-the art AluProf hardware
  • able to receive double or triple glazing, up to 63mm
  • large selection & different styles of handles, including minimalist looking handles with or without rosette

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