Kömmerling 70

System 70 mm
Kömmerling 70 rebate gasket

Kömmerling 70 AD – Something more than standard
All features reserved for exclusive window systems now available as standard in the new Kömmerling 70 system.
A modern window system with a depth of 70 mm. The undeniable advantages of this system are: significant savings on heating costs, high acoustic insulation, optimal protection against burglary and wide possibilities of finishing the outer surface of the profiles.


  • The most optimal installation depth.
  • Maximum amount of light in spaces thanks to the use of narrow profiles.
  • Increased statics – unlimited possibilities to construct high balcony doors and large windows.
  • Special profile structure – double thermal protection.
  • Elimination of thermal bridges inside the profiles.
  • Possibility of embedding extremely warm glazing units.
  • Universal, timeless design of the window ideally suited to modern buildings and renovations.
  • Uf heat transfer coefficient up to 1.2 W / (m²K).
  • 5-chamber technology.
  • Triple glazing up to 44 mm.
  • Modern window design with a wide range of colors; a choice of wood-like and uniform colors.
  • Greenline lead-free zinc-calcium stabilizers.

A world of colors
Experience a new sense of freedom!

We offer PVC sliding systems in a wide range of colors and structures.

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