Kömmerling 88 MD

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Kömmerling 88 MDcentral gasket

Kömmerling 88 MD is a new generation window system that exceeds the standards in thermal insulation and sets new trends in design. Innovative technology breaks down barriers – provides full individuality, excellent quality and safety.
Kömmerling 88 MD offers passive windows as standard.
The 88 MD window system is a 7-chamber system with a central gasket, which is characterized by excellent thermal insulation and a perfectly matched steel reinforcement. The new generation of profiles in a standard solution meets the requirements for passive houses using a triple-glazed unit with a width of 48 mm and a thermal insulation coefficient of Uw = 0.72 W / (m²K).
The 88 MD system offers a wide range of colors and the possibility of installing special fittings that are invisible when the window is closed. The intelligent design allows for the installation of the most modern triple-glazed unit with a maximum glazing range of 56 mm.
Kömmerling 88 MD, thanks to large glazing surfaces, ensures high recovery of solar energy, and at the same time guarantees exceptional protection against noise and burglary.


  • The most optimal installation depth.
  • Maximum amount of light in spaces thanks to the use of narrow profiles.
  • Increased statics – unlimited possibilities to construct high balcony doors and large windows.
  • Special profile structure – double thermal protection.
  • Elimination of thermal bridges inside the profiles.
  • Possibility of embedding extremely warm glazing units.
  • Universal, timeless design of the window ideally suited to modern buildings and renovations.
  • Uf heat transfer coefficient up to 1.2 W / (m²K).
  • 5-chamber technology.
  • Triple glazing up to 44 mm.
  • Modern window design with a wide range of colors; a choice of wood-like and uniform colors.
  • Greenline lead-free zinc-calcium stabilizers.

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